The Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI) gives you access to Greenstone's functionality from an easy-to-use, 'point and click' interface. This allows you to collect sets of documents, import or assign metadata, and build them into a Greenstone collection.

Note that the GLI is run in conjunction with Greenstone, and assumes that it is installed in a subdirectory of your Greenstone installation. If you have downloaded one of the Greenstone distributions, or installed from a Greenstone CD-ROM, this will be the case.

Running the GLI under Windows

Launch the librarian interface under Windows by selecting Greenstone Digital Library from the Programs section of the Start menu and choosing Librarian Interface.

Running the GLI under Unix

To run the GLI under Unix, change to the gli directory in your Greenstone installation, then run the script.

Running the GLI under Mac OS X

In the finder, browse to Applications then Greenstone (if you installed Greenstone into the default location), and then launch the GLI application.

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